wardrobe / valet stand / makeup desk



funktinal valet stand dressup, if you dont need it you can fold it
wardrobe / valet stand / makeup desk "Holzbock"


Holzbock- Use it as and where you want.

Everyone knows it, the classic wood trestle. In the a cabinetmaker´s workshop it is a essential furniture. As a ladder or table frame… There are no limits of the usage. The versatile furniture "Holzbock" takes not only the name but also the basic form of the all-round workshop-furniture.

Along the lines of: Use it as and where your want,  Holzbock becomes an all-round furniture for the flat.

Whether in the corridor as wardrobe, in the bedroom as a valet stand inclusive a laundry bag or as a dressing table. Through the application of the different additional-elements, the Holzbock adapts to every needs and housing situations. Those can be easy fixed and remoted. The small mirror can be clamped on the pipe. The large mirror is suspended with two risers on the pipe. Depending on the use, a laundry bag can be buttoned to the lower pipe construction.

Welcome your Holzbock and use it according to your own notion.


year of publication: 2013


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rack with three storage compartments, the front is a mirror or a magnet pinboard
rack "rak"

TRES is your friend and helper in the house. He brings some more order and helps you to forget nothing.


The rack TRES consists of one carcass and three storage compartments with two integrated hooks for the bag, the kitchen towel or something else.


Depending on the wish, the three storage compatments can be mounted on the left and right of the carcass. Throught the different fronts (mirror, magnet pinboard and padding) TRES is versatile in the whole flat and house.


manufacturer: emform

year of publication: 2013


price: approx. 198,00 € (here available)


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